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SABC Morning Live - 2021 Workspace Trend Forecast

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Nisha was featured on the Morning Live Show on SABC for an interview on workspace design on behalf of Workshop 17, and to discuss emerging design trends for 2021.

In this conversation, she looks back at the impact of events in 2020, to reveal the lessons learned and changes to design trends we have seen going forward. Some of the forecasted changes we can expect in the coming year in the workplace include the following five key points:

1. Adaptive: Space will no longer be designed for permanence, but rather adapt to suit different behaviors and varying levels of distancing.

2. Agile Playground: Landlords and developers are having to become more agile in providing more affordable options for businesses to only pay for the space they use and the freedom to upscale or downsize the amount of workspace as the needs arise.

3. Distributed Work: As a result of decentralized office strategies, that are changing the way we live, work and commute office headquarters will reduce and function more as a point of purposeful collaboration as and when required.

4. Healthy Spaces: The massive change in the way we work has brought into question the amount of time spent on devices, and increased awareness of personal health.

Healthy workspaces will become an imperative in the design of our spaces going forward.

5. Materials: In the design of workspaces going forward, we need to consider the choice of surfaces and materials. Elements that we rarely considered before have become a priority.

The full interview can be viewed here:

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