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Interview with Heavy Chef

Nisha discusses the process of designing collaborative workspaces in a series of short, informative video clips.

In a series of bite-sized, Q&A style interview videos with Heavy Chef, Nisha describes her approach to design and her philosophy as advocate for spaces in which people feel at home and have contributed to. She lays out the ingredients needed to designing workspaces where individuals feel that they have enough choice and flexibility to collaborate for success.

Here is a link to the interview video clips:

By watching these videos, you'll learn the following

  • How to look at constraints as fuel for creativity.

  • What to consider when you choose a workspace.

  • How workplace design can help or hamper productivity.

  • Why you should pay serious attention to the chair behind your desk.

  • Which ergonomic factors to consider when setting up your office space.

  • How the shared-workspace model differs from traditional offices.

  • How to make a working environment more people friendly.

Find the full article here:

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