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Paying homage to an architectural landmark

Workshop17 Firestation

Project Type - Interior Fit-out

Client - Workshop17

Interior Design - Workshop17 Design Team

Base-Build Architects - Ruim

Year - Completed 2018

Location - Johannesburg, South Africa

Project Size - 3, 000 m²

Situated in the heart of Rosebank, Workshop17 occupies both the refurbished heritage building of the functioning Firestation and the 10th and 11th floors of the new 12 storey office building.  The material palette for the shared workspace focuses on paying homage to the architectural character of the heritage buildings through material references of clay, brick, terracotta and terrazzo with a hint of brass while simultaneously supporting and showcasing the work of local furniture designers.   


Blending old and new, the shared workspace demonstrates the need for workspaces to be curated to accommodate spontaneous flexibility - from a ground floor restaurant open to the public, individual quiet booths, shared work zones, semi-private work nodes, private meeting areas, and eventing facilities to relaxation and social spaces designed for increased communication and collaboration.  These elements work together to form a work neighbourhood designed to enhance levels of comfort, stimulation and productivity while enjoying panoramic views over Johannesburg. 

Material Palette.png
Tenth Floor - No Background.png
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