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A curated sequence of experiences

Workshop17 Kloof

Project Type - Interior Fit-out

Client - Workshop17

Interior Design - Workshop17 Design Team

Base-Build Architects - DHK Architects

Year - Completed 2019

Location - Cape Town, South Africa

Project Size - 2,000 m²

The newly refurbished heritage building in the heart of Cape Town CBD provides the perfect setting for Workshop17’s co-working offices. Situated along Kloof Street, the building maintains a strong connection with the street edge while the new design intervention draws the energy from the busy street into the internal courtyard.  Designed for the needs of an active and changing community that requires a greater level of choice and customization, the shared workspace extends over five levels, offering a variety of work zones, dedicated offices, a restaurant open to the public and meeting and eventing facilities.  


Internal spaces respect the existing texture and richness of materials maintaining significant heritage elements within a neutral palette.  While many of the rooms remain simple and understated, the introduction of mono-colour in certain areas provides dramatic focal points.  Raw brickwork, bagged plaster, rattan and terrazzo are set against the warmth of the original timber floors, staircase, solid wood doors, archways and sash windows. 


Textured materials, curved forms and crafted elements speak of the processes of making found in the decorative balustrades, handrails, archways and dado lines of the original building.  Contemporary pieces of furniture are set against eclectic found-objects to evoke the connection with the building’s elegantly crafted interior.  Spaces within the building have been curated into a carefully planned sequence of experiences to provide flexibility and variety to the user.   Allowing people to play a role in the creation, curation and customisation of their working environments creates a sense of belonging, improves wellbeing, productivity and supports the behaviours required for creative thinking.


Photographs courtesy of Workshop17.

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