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The pavilion brings together communal activities within a modular spatial environment

Terracotta Pavilion

Project Type  -  Pavilion Concept Proposal

Client - Private

Year -  2020

Location  -  Pretoria, South Africa

Project Size < 100 m²

The Terracotta Pavilion project was designed to accommodate a small, demountable coffee shop in a public space. Various concepts were prepared that deal with the contextual aesthetic and materiality.

The proposed structure is built from recycled terracotta tiles, which were salvaged from demolished roof structures in the nearby area. The building is proposed as two opposing terracotta stacks that work together to contain a space between them.


A floating roof of lightweight steel and polycarbonate sheeting is suspended lightly over the structure to provide shade and shelter.


A place to gather, day or night, grab a coffee or a snack, have an informal meeting, or take a break in an outdoor setting. The pavilion brings together communal activities within a modular spatial environment.


Drawing inspiration from recycled terracotta tiles, the pavilion will be constructed from high quality lightweight steel combined with a lowtech, local material such as terracotta that can be easily sourced and assembled. 


Perforated powder coated steel shutters will separate the barista station from the pavilion after hours.  Planters within the modular spatial design of the terracotta blocks will introduce a natural layer of greenery within the pavilion.


The pavilion is set out in a regular grid of terracotta blocks that step up towards the corners to create an informal amphitheatre on the one side and a backdrop to the barista station at the other end. The module allows for comfortable seating, planting, counters for the barista station and nooks for display of merchandise.  The use of the pavilion varies from a space for interaction to hosting small events.

Terracotta Samples.png
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