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Work requirements have changed significantly over the last few months forcing us to rethink the way our workspaces are designed to support new behaviours and flexible modes of working.  With remote work having shined a spotlight on the requirement for a workplace, this time away from the office has provided a much needed perspective on the value of our time in terms of what we do and what we value most about the workplace.


While the characteristics of the workplace are continuously evolving, we have started to see three trends dominate the approach to work going forward and a shift in the office from a place of production to something more friction-less and experiential.  How we apply the physical, digital and experiential in ways that respond to an organization's core values and culture will determine appropriate scenarios applicable to a diverse workforce.

How can we learn from emerging work patterns to guide us in designing the workplace of the future?


Workspace Research

Project Type  -  Research Insights Document

Client - Workshop17

Year - 2020

Location - Johannesburg, South Africa

The Imagined [Work]space is an insights document prepared for Workshop17 as part of a process to rethink the future of the physical, digital and experiential workspace and develop new space typologies designed for flexibility, variety and choice. Many of these design scenarios extend beyond the realm of the workplace, blurring the boundaries between retail, home office, repurposing existing structures, dispersed working and even exploring  working outdoors.  The result is a fluid ecosystem where the Imagined [Work]space illustrates how the physical and digital can combine in any work environment. Designed for optimal performance and enhanced experience, the new [work]space will address health, wellness, density and mobility in a more sustainable and resilient manner. 

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