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Justus van der Hoven

The art of filmmaking holds the remarkable capability to forge connections among people, depict the essence of place, and offer glimpses into urban existence.


Within the South African context, Justus van der Hoven explores these dynamics through an architectural perspective. He employs the use of animated hand-drawn storyboards, crafted in the innovative 3D medium of Mental Canvas, to communicate narratives through visual storytelling. This method not only delves into the potent bond of human connection but also underscores architecture's role in enriching these relationships and shaping a sense of place. It provides a distinctive lens through which we can understand the profound influence of physical spaces on our lives.


Justus has successfully completed projects for a multitude of architectural practices and global brands such as JLL Tetris: Design & Build, Roche, and Sanofi.

Notably, Justus' film 'What If' earned the prestigious title of Best Short Clip at the 2022 Archiboo Awards. His talents also secured him first place in the Mental Canvas $100K Challenge for his animation titled 'Dear Unknown Friend.'


Presently, he is immersed in the development of a series of short films that document the intricate process of designing and constructing tiny houses.

Download Justus' Resume here

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