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Presenter in WITS Lecture Series

We were honoured to receive news that Nisha had been invited to present as part of the WITS BAS Honours Lecture Series held from July to October 2020.

The lecture series features some of the best architects in South Africa, including the following speakers.

- Jessica Thompson: LHA+Ud

- Pierre Swanepoel: StudioMAS

- Vedhant Maharaj: Rebel Base Collective

- Henning Rasmus: Paragon Group

- Mphethi Morejele: MMA Architects

- Craig McClenaghan: Craig McClenaghan Architects

- Andrew Makin: Design Workshop

- Kate Otten: Kate Otten Architects

- Braam de Villiers & Andre Eksteen: Earthworld Architects

- Nina Cohen & Fiona Garson: Cohen Garson Architects

- Neal Shoof: Insite Group

- Nisha van der Hoven: Hoven

- Ludwig Hansen: LHA+Ud

The topics and purpose of the lecture series is to learn from the diverse range of speakers, in particular to understand the design methodologies applied by architects in their different fields. The speakers' projects range in scale and programme, providing a glimpse into the current spirit of South African architecture and design practice.

A secondary theme that forms part of the lecture series focuses on the 'Nature of Universities' with an emphasis on the future of education and research in the higher education sector. This following the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and looks at providing a framework for discussion on the future of the university and its architecture. The intention of this conversation is to enable improved teaching, learning and knowledge exchange.

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