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SCREEN 01.jpg

Protective Panels

Project Type - Installation

Client - Workshop17

Design - Nisha van der Hoven, Marcus van der Hoven

As part of the return to the workplace following lock-down, there was a requirement for temporary and movable partition panels that could be integrated into the Workshop17 spaces in a way that enhances the overall aesthetic. These protective panels were designed to provide an element of layered translucency, and glowing colour to the spaces within Workshop17's established colour palette.


The timber bases provide weight and stability to the screen, and are made from sustainably sourced ash wood. The screen itself is made from coloured perspex.


During lockdown, Hoven visited perspex suppliers that had sold out of clear perspex, and found that by making use of unusual, bright coloured perspex (which was in ample supply) it was possible to support local businesses and provide an individual touch to interior spaces. The colours provide a unique flare and unexpected pop of colour to the workplace. 

Using colour to enhance and protect
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