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FuturePart - Meaning  in the Making

Project Type - Film

Location - Johannesburg, South Africa

Year - 2019

Collaborators - Bronwyn Coulson, Dino Vaindirlis, 

Justus van der Hoven, Nisha van der Hoven, Smita Waghmarae 

Film - Justus van der Hoven, Nisha van der Hoven

Edit - Justus van der Hoven

Soundtrack - Hey Pappa Legend - Myles McDonald


Developed for the launch of FuturePart, this film was inspired by the idea of finding new meaning in the process of making.  We worked with a group of passionate young architects and filmed over one evening, using found materials within the office to create cinematic effects that suggest a speculative future beyond the realm of traditional architecture.

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