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Table Drawing

As part of an exhibition by FuturePart, titled InCommon - The Possibilities of Collective Space,  a large format, digitally interactive hand drawing was created by Hoven on a 5 meter long table.


The drawing was first designed and drawn electronically on a tablet, and then projected onto the table to be traced by hand using felt-tip pen. The drawing is focused on the Johannesburg skyline, and includes recognizable landmarks such as Hillbrow Tower, Ponte Tower and Sandton City. It also features projects from the exhibition, that are woven into their surrounding context.

A giant, digitally interactive art work
Image 6.jpg

Question cards were created and suspended to encourage participation by visitors to the exhibition. 


Digital 'nodes' were mapped from the drawing to act as triggers for an Augmented Reality application. When a tablet is held up to the drawing, these triggers play videos and other content related to the exhibition, adding another layer to the drawing by making it digitally interactive.


In this way, visitors to the exhibition are able to explore videos and other media that are brought together by a unifying artwork.

Photos courtesy of FuturePart

Image 5.jpg
Image 7.jpg
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